In winter time the island landscape is dressed in the white suit of the snow, the polar night with the stars and the northern light in the sky. The arctic landscape with rough and changing wearther conditions.

In summer, the same beautiful and dramatic landscape features summer's costume with the midnight sun, the sun never descending. Island tours, travel into nature and tranquility far from civilization's stress and hurry. Still, yes, not absolutely quiet. The noise of the city life have been replaced with the sounds of nature. The sound of the ocean that crosses the beach, the wind and the wildlife sounds. The sounds that makes you relaxed. We like to share it with you.

We arrange trips according to your wishes

Based on your wishes  we arrange individual adventure tours ,daytours as well as tours that span for several days. We have the scene of wild ,beautiful,unspoilt and magnificent scenery and coastal culture. You have the dreams and wishes….

Accomodation at Helgøy

In cooperation with Helgø, we organize individual adventures for you based on your wishes.

On arranged  or individual tours  we provide accomodation in our cosy and exclusive cabin resorts at Helgøy island who has their own local and special story, tiny and carefully restored up to todays standard during the last 10 years.

The Resort in ”Kjerkevika” have 5 beds divided in 3 bedrooms, bathroom, living room and kitchen facilities.

Resort ”Fila”: 10 beds divided in 5 bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, outdoor spa.

”Basecamp”. In Kjerkevika you can set up your own tent, nearby toilet facilities .

We also arrange catering, or own cook for preparation of dinners for you.

Kayaks and rowing boats can be hired.

Guided tours in the islands landscape and sorroundings can be arranged


  1. Number of persons minimum 3
  2. There are no shopping foodstore at the island.Preparations for food supply must be made before the tour.
  3. If the weather conditions are poor,we may advise you to rescedule the tour to the following day or you will receive a refund


For booking and prices,please use the contact form.

Proposal for trip to do at summer time

2 days Island tour with accomodation at Helgøy.,a former fishing village

On request we organize individual adventures for you.

You will be housted in our cabin resorts.

What to do on the island:

  • Footwalk at the beaches and the mountainous landscape while you are enjoying the landscape, the birdlife , silence and the nature sounds
  • Sightseeing by boat in the island landscape
  • Kayaking tours
  • Fishing trips
  • Storytelling about Helgøy and the island sorroundings in old and modern times
  • Presentation and guiding in the church of Helgøy

Bird watching

Daytrip or trips over several days with accomodation in our cabin resorts

On request, we arrange tours for you omong the islands which has a very rich and various birdlife.

Example on a packet price:

Packet Price for 2 day tour
NOK. 2.950(adult)
NOK. 2.350(children up to 16)

Packet Price for 3 day tour
NOK. 3.800(adult)
NOK. 3.200(children up to 16)

Includes transfer from pick-up point Tromsø airport or Scandic Ishavshotel in the city of Tromsø.


  • Number of persons minimum 3
  • There are no shopping foodstore at the island.Preparations for food supply must be made before the tour.
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